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Since moving to Abbotsford I have seen my taxes increase far faster than either the rate of inflation or my pay increase. At the same time the services I receive have continually been reduced.

For example, in 1994, lawn sprinkling was allowed every second day. Over the 20 years since then lawn sprinkling has become so restricted that it is not possible to provide enough water to keep my lawn alive.

Just like you, I complained about my increasing taxes and declining services with my friends. But I didn’t just complain, I started investigating what was happening. What I found out was mindboggling. Some examples are:

  • Despite the City asserting that development was to pay for itself, the residents were funding up to 30% of the capital costs.
  • Although being told that the Bevan Wells required an Environmental Certificate, the City decided to not apply for an Environmental Assessment. They spent $6million building the wells with no assurance that they could be used.
  • After engaging the MSA Museum Society and the Abbotsford Arts Council in designing the Abbotsford Cultural Centre and then promoting voting YES for Plan A, the City excluded them in any management or participation in the Centre.

In 2011, at the encouragement of  my friends, I considered running for council.  I decided that in order to be effective as a councillor I needed more experience, so instead of running I decided to shadow council. Since then I have attended or watched online almost all the Executive Committee and Regular Council meetings. I have read the Agendas, reports and supporting documentation and have done further research on many of the issues. I have shared this research with the councilors and I am pleased that many of the progressive decisions used the research.

Now, in 2014 after having spent three years shadowing council, I am prepared to take a seat at the table.  Through my education and work experience I have a unique basis to evaluate the issues and through my investment in researching those that have been debated in council, I will bring a knowledgeable and informed  voice.

There are many competing interests in Abbotsford and when elected, I will represent the interests of those who live, work and play in Abbotsford.

  •  For those who live here; by improving the services we receive, increasing the efficiency of how they are delivered and reducing the subsidies.
  • For those who work here; by strengthening the financial health of the companies they work for, increasing the desirability of the community and reducing the subsidies.
  • For those who play here; by improving the opportunities to play,  increasing the opportunities for the community to be involved.

Get Abbotsford working for you. Vote for David Sahlstrom.






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