Get Abbotsford Working for You

For too long Abbotsford has been working for special interest  groups and not for its residents. Like me, those who live, work and play here have been used as the pocketbook for pet projects, for developers, and those with connections. As a result our taxes have steadily increased far faster than they should.

Decisions have continually been behind closed doors. Decisions that could and should be debated in public.   Decisions that affect the lives of we who live work and play here. Making decisions  that effectively alienate us.

I believe Abbotsford should be managed for those who live, work and play here. Our taxes should be fair and used to provide services for us. Decisions, whenever possible by law, should be made in public and should engage us. I encourage you to discover who I am through this website and to contact me with any questions.

If elected I will get Abbotsford working for you.

I will bring new ideas to improve fiscal performance, efficiency and community participation.
I will move for transparency of debates and decisions.
I believe everyone who lives, works, and plays in Abbotsford is to be treated with respect – including the homeless & disenfranchised.

Get Abbotsford Working for You